A Walk-in Paradise

While some trends arrive with a shouting boom, others seamlessly work their way into our lives until we consider them mainstream necessities. The walk-in closet did both. It made a flashy appearance on the scene in Sex and the City: The Movie when Carrie Bradshaw ogled over her new Manhattan penthouse walk-in closet. But years before, the trend was bubbling and forming around its pure necessity and functionality in the hands of designers who knew the true value of this ultra-private sanctuary.

Decades ago, home buying revolved around a functional layout. As tastes and trends evolved, however, soon men began to require a “man cave” when building or buying a new home. It did not take long for women to realize that they, too, needed a sanctuary away from the everyday functions of the rest of the household. In the luxury home and condo market, residences are now being built, as well as remodeled, with this key room as a central focus.

Fortunately for New York home buyers, the walk-in closet trend has become a standard for luxury developments in most high-end neighborhoods. New condominium residences like 551 West 21st Street represented by Christie’s International Real Estate and these exquisite penthouses at 21 West 20th Street, are setting the standard for lavish living spaces in a city known for extravagance.

And walk-in closets aren’t just for women’s heels, handbags, makeup, and jewelry. As more designers tailor closets to each of their client’s wardrobe and wishes, more hotel condominiums like The Fasano Hotel and Residences in Miami are following suit, coming equipped with a pair of walk-in closets. Men are increasingly demanding their own walk-in storage spaces due in part to their increased pride in their wardrobes and the draw of unique lighting options and technology-driven extras now available for closets. Some lavish walk-ins for men and women include multiple floors separating daywear and eveningwear, security technology that only accepts entry from the assigned owner, and recessed TVs.

The walk-in closet is now one of the most sophisticated, and expensive, rooms in every luxury residence. Designers and architects often bring the walk-in closet to the table early on in a new construction project by keeping the buyer’s unique tastes, and possessions, in mind. With a person’s wardrobe and personal possessions now among their most lavish assets, there is no question that the holding space for such items should be equally as precious.

Image Courtesy of http://551w21.com