Publication Focuses on Stakeholder Relationships in Hotel-Branded Residences

Published as part of research completed at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland in 2011, Dan August Cordeiro has authored a work entitled «Hotel-Branded Residences: An Evaluation of Current Practice in Hotel-Branded Residence Agreements Between Hotel Brands, Hotel Developers and Homeowners.»

Hotel-branded residences have become an important part of the hotel development business and the residential real estate industry in the past ten years, helping developers to finance hotels and creating super-luxury residences for high-net worth buyers. More complex than typical residential or hotel management, three stakeholders are involved in each transaction, including the developer, the hotel brand or operator, and the eventual homeowners.

The 250-page book focuses on the legal and business relationships between these three stakeholders, documenting the relationships and identifying the benefits and risks of the arrangement from each perspective. The primary benefits include better financing for developers, expanded hotel management portfolios for the hotel brands and trophy status for the residents. The publication then concludes with an analysis of whether each stakeholder is maximizing their benefits and risks through current practice and suggestions on how to do so.

The book is available for sale through online publisher Lulu at the following link: