The Power of a Hotel Condominium Concierge

As we all know, one of the great benefits of staying in a luxury hotel is having a quality concierge on hand to guide you to the finest destinations in the city, or to give you luxury tips on anything and everything your heart desires. But imagine if you had a concierge all year round. This is a benefit enjoyed by homeowners all over the country who choose to live in a hotel condominium that comes with an exclusive and highly knowledgeable concierge.

So what are the benefits of having a concierge in your luxury hotel condominium building?

*A quality hotel condominium concierge will be entirely clued in to anything new and exciting happening in your neighborhood in the world of dining and entertainment. Having access to this information will keep you on the cutting edge of your local social scene.

*The price of the concierge service is usually included in the standard Homeowner’s Association or condo fees—incredibly convenient.

*A hotel condominium concierge is someone you will see every day, and, as with any good neighbor, over time they’ll find out your interests and social preferences. This means the information they provide can and will be catered to you specifically; a more focused service than even a luxury hotel could offer you.

*Hotel condominium concierges understand that residents frequently live busy lives, so they keep a wealth of reputable and reliable contacts on hand—like house cleaners and hair stylists—to help you out in a pinch. They’ll even recommend doctors and dentists!

*Luxury hotel condominium concierges don’t just make dinner reservations for you—they make them at hard-to-book restaurants months in advance and secure residents the best tables.

*If you have an important appointment in the morning and need a back-up alarm, the hotel condominium concierge will give you a wake up call.

*If you regularly travel for business (or pleasure), the hotel condominium concierge is on hand to help you take care of things happening at home when you’re not there to do so.

This is a luxury, we at could get used to.  Until next time…

Image Courtesy of fastcloud_Cho